swMATH ID: 13506
Software Authors: PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG
Description: PTV Vissim: Whether comparing junction geometries, analysing public transport priority schemes or considering the effects of certain signalling – PTV Vissim allows you to simulate traffic patterns exactly. Motorised private transport, goods transport, rail and road related public transport, pedestrians and cyclists – as the world’s leading software for microscopic traffic simulation, PTV Vissim displays all road users and their interactions in one model. Scientifically sound motion models provide a realistic modelling of all road users. The software offers flexibility in several respects: the concept of links and connectors allows users to model geometries with any level of complexity. Attributes for driver and vehicle characteristics enable individual parameterisation. Furthermore, a large number of interfaces provide seamless integration with other systems for signal controllers, traffic management or emissions models. PTV Vissim is rounded off with comprehensive analysis options, creating a powerful tool for the evaluation and planning of urban and extra-urban transport infrastructure. For example, the simulation software may be used to create detailed computational results or impressive 3D animations for different scenarios. It is the perfect way to present convincing and comprehensible planned infrastructure measures to decision-makers and the public.
Homepage: http://vision-traffic.ptvgroup.com/en-us/products/ptv-vissim/
Related Software: Matlab; Z-Tree; Sobol; bootstrap; SSAM; FactoClass; dendextend; corrplot; psych; R; clusfind; SimEvents; SUMO; PARAMIC; UMDES; PARAMICS; Simulink; WCA; GeneScout
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