Camera Calibration

swMATH ID: 13537
Software Authors: Bouguet J-Y
Description: Camera calibration toolbox for MATLAB. Computer Vision System Toolbox™ provides algorithms, functions, and apps for designing and simulating computer vision and video processing systems. You can perform feature detection, extraction, and matching; object detection and tracking; motion estimation; and video processing. For 3-D computer vision, the system toolbox supports camera calibration, stereo vision, 3-D reconstruction, and 3-D point cloud processing. With machine learning based frameworks, you can train object detection, object recognition, and image retrieval systems. Algorithms are available as MATLAB® functions, System objects, and Simulink® blocks. For rapid prototyping and embedded system design, the system toolbox supports fixed-point arithmetic and C-code generation.
Homepage: http://www.vision.caltech.edu/bouguetj/calib_doc/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: calib; SIFT; Matlab; CIRN; OpenCV; cBathy; SBA; HumanEva; SurfRCaT; Beachkeeper; UCalib; Picoastal; CoastalImageLib; Scikit; PyTorch; TensorFlow; Python; BLIM; Social GAN; YOLO
Cited in: 20 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.vision.caltech.edu/bouguetj/calib_doc/htmls/ref.html

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