swMATH ID: 13542
Software Authors: Igel, Christian; Heidrich-Meisner, Verena; Glasmachers, Tobias
Description: SHARK. SHARK is an object-oriented library for the design of adaptive systems. It comprises methods for single- and multi-objective optimization (e.g., evolutionary and gradient-based algorithms) as well as kernel-based methods, neural networks, and other machine learning techniques.
Homepage: http://shark-project.sourceforge.net/2.2.1/doc/
Keywords: machine learning software; neural networks; kernel methods; evolutionary algorithms; optimization; multi-objective optimization
Related Software: SMS-EMOA; CMA-ES; LIBLINEAR; LIBSVM; SVMlight; jMetal; SPEA2; darch; ParaDisEO; EOlib; ParEGO; OpenML; BatchExperiments; BatchJobs; BudgetedSVM; Pegasos; EGO; MOEA/D; PRMLT; HypE
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SHARK. Zbl 1225.68188
Igel, Christian; Heidrich-Meisner, Verena; Glasmachers, Tobias

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