swMATH ID: 13556
Software Authors: Siemens Industry Software
Description: LMS Imagine.Lab™ Amesim offers a complete system simulation platform to model and analyze multidomain intelligent systems. LMS Amesim provides an extensive set of application-specific solutions that comprise a dedicated set of application libraries and focus on delivering simulation capabilities to assess the behavior of specific subsystems: internal combustion engines, transmissions, thermal management systems, vehicle systems dynamics, fluid systems, aircraft ground loads, flight controls, and electrical systems. The interface between LMS Amesim and Simulink® software enables you to couple an LMS Amesim plant model with a Simulink control system model. You can export from LMS Amesim into Simulink and also into Simulink Coder™, do cosimulation between LMS Amesim and Simulink, or import from Simulink into LMS Amesim. LMS Amesim also offers a scripting facility with MATLAB® to perform complex and automated pre- and post-processing or to build customized graphical interfaces.
Homepage: http://www.mathworks.com/products/connections/product_detail/product_35366.html
Related Software: Simulink; Matlab; RecurDyn; ElemStatLearn
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