swMATH ID: 13581
Software Authors: Cartier-Michaud, Thomas; Ghendrih, Philippe; Grandgirard, Virginie; Latu, Guillaume
Description: Optimizing the parallel scheme of the Poisson solver for the reduced kinetic code TERESA. The parallelization performance of the TERESA Code for Trapped Element REduction in Semi lagrangian Approach is analyzed. TERESA is a kinetic code in four dimensions (4{it D}), two in “real” space and two “energy” coordinates. It addresses the turbulent evolution of the distribution of ions governed by uctuations of the electric potential. The numerical scheme is split into four steps: the 4{it D} advection of the distribution function with the Vlasov equation, the computation of the charge density, the calculation of the electric potential using the quasineutrality asymptotic limit of the Poisson equation and finally, the two high frequency averages of the electric potential in order to compute the advection field. Starting from an initial standard parallelization scheme we find that the Poisson solver accounts for most of the execution time of TERESA (up to 90
Homepage: http://www.esaim-proc.org/articles/proc/pdf/2013/05/proc134317.pdf
Related Software: GYSELA; MPI
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