swMATH ID: 13588
Software Authors: C. Berg; M. Rubey; C. Stump
Description: Findstat: The combinatorial statistic finder. This collaborative project is a database of combinatorial statistics and maps on combinatorial collections, and a search engine to identify your data as the composition of known maps and statistics. It provides a web interface to search and update the database, and as well a SageMath interface explained at http://www.findstat.org/SageInterface.
Homepage: http://www.findstat.org/
Dependencies: SageMath, Python
Related Software: OEIS; SageMath; Sage-Combinat; DiscreteZOO; ATLAS Group Representations; LMFDB; CoCalc; nauty; MathOverflow; OpenDreamKit; SymbolicData; GitHub; Small Graph Database; bliss; Traces; House of Graphs; DLMF; Magma; QPA; MathHub.info
Cited in: 20 Documents

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