swMATH ID: 1360
Software Authors: Heiner, Monika; Schwarick, Martin; Tovchigrechko, Alexej
Description: DSSZ-MC – a tool for symbolic analysis of extended Petri nets DSSZ-MC supports the symbolic analysis of bounded place/ transition Petri nets extended by read, inhibitor, equal, and reset arcs. No previous knowledge of the precise boundedness degree is required. It contains tools for the efficient analysis of standard properties (boundedness, liveness, reversibility) and CTL model checking, built on an object-oriented implementation of Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagrams and Interval Decision Diagrams. The main features are saturation-based state space generation, analysis of strongly connected components, dead state analysis with trace generation, and CTL model checking by limited backward reachability analysis. The tool is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac/OS
Homepage: http://www-dssz.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/indexe.html?/software/mc.html
Keywords: extended Petri nets
Related Software: SNOOPY; MoVisPP; COPASI; ZBDD; SMART_
Referenced in: 5 Publications

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