Delve Datasets

swMATH ID: 13699
Software Authors: RM Neal
Description: Delve Datasets: Collections of data for developing, evaluating, and comparing learning methods. The Delve datasets and families are available from this page. Every dataset (or family) has a brief overview page and many also have detailed documentation. You can download gzipped-tar files of the datasets, but you will require the delve software environment to get maximum benefit from them. Datasets are categorized as primarily assessment, development or historical according to their recommended use. Within each category we have distinguished datasets as regression or classification according to how their prototasks have been created. Details on how to install the downloaded datasets are given below .
Homepage: http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~delve/data/datasets.html
Dependencies: Delve Utilities
Related Software: LIBSVM; UCI-ml; ADADELTA; Adam; RMSprop; PyTorch; TensorFlow; FiPy; PRMLT; BayesDA; Inception-v4; MXNet; DiffSharp; Keras; Diffpack; AlexNet; AdaGrad; ImageNet; Theano; PMTK
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Assessing relevance determination methods using DELVE. Zbl 0928.68092
Neal, Radford M.

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