swMATH ID: 1388
Software Authors: Annichini, Aurore; Bouajjani, Ahmed; Sighireanu, Mihaela
Description: TREX is a tool for automatic analysis of automata-based models equipped with variables belonging to different infinite/finite domains and with parameters. These models are, at the present time, parametric (continuous-time) timed automata, extended with integer counters and finite-domain variables, and communicating through unbounded lossy FIFO channels and shared variables. This model is a subset of the model taken in high-level languages like SDL.
Homepage: http://www.liafa.jussieu.fr/~sighirea/trex/
Programming Languages: C++
Operating Systems: "sun5": Sparc stations running SunOS 2.5, 2.6, 7 or higher"iX86": PC computers running Linux 2.0 (libc6 binaries)
Keywords: TReX: A Tool for Reachability Analysis of CompleX Systems
Related Software: FAST; HyTech; LASH; Uppaal; SPIN; PRISM; IMITATOR; Kronos; Uppaal2k; InVeSt; FLATA; ALGOL 60; CADP; MONA; Timbuk; JavaFAN; Apron; Shrinktech; PSyHCoS; PAT
Cited in: 39 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.liafa.jussieu.fr/~sighirea/trex/index.html#Refs

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