swMATH ID: 13889
Software Authors: Kamel, M.S.; Ma, K.S.; Enright, W.H.
Description: ODEXPERT: An expert system to select numerical solvers for initial value ODE solvers. ODEXPERT is a prototype knowledge-based system which selects the appropriate numerical solvers for initial value ordinary differential equations. It is capable of deriving some knowledge about the input problem by performing automated tests to detect properties and structures in the problem which guide the selection process.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=151271.151275
Keywords: expert system; ODEXPERT; knowledge-based system
Related Software: PYTHIA; RODAS; Algorithm 687; ELLPACK; Slatec; NAXPERT; SATzilla; SMAC; auto-sklearn; Auto-WEKA; Spearmint; EGO; WEKA; Matlab; LSODE; JScience; odeToJava; SciTools; SLOCCount; Parallel Colt
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