swMATH ID: 13896
Software Authors: Maere S., Heymans K., Kuiper M.
Description: BiNGO: A Cytoscape plugin to assess overrepresentation of Gene Ontology categories in biological networks. Summary: The Biological Networks Gene Ontology tool (BiNGO) is an open-source Java tool to determine which Gene Ontology (GO) terms are significantly overrepresented in a set of genes. BiNGO can be used either on a list of genes, pasted as text, or interactively on subgraphs of biological networks visualized in Cytoscape. BiNGO maps the predominant functional themes of the tested gene set on the GO hierarchy, and takes advantage of Cytoscape’s versatile visualization environment to produce an intuitive and customizable visual representation of the results. Availability: http://www.psb.ugent.be/cbd/papers/BiNGO/
Homepage: http://bioinformatics.oxfordjournals.org/content/21/16/3448.short
Dependencies: Cytoscape
Related Software: KEGG; Cytoscape; GOstat; GOLEM; R; GOPET; BayGO; Gaggle; GOtcha; ProbCD; RegulonDB; UniProt; JASPAR; BioGRID; SIRENE; ARACNE; COPASI; TRANSFAC; CLENCH; GENECODIS
Cited in: 8 Publications

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