swMATH ID: 1392
Software Authors: Buyya, Rajkumar; Murshed, Manzur
Description: The GridSim toolkit allows modeling and simulation of entities in parallel and distributed computing (PDC) systems-users, applications, resources, and resource brokers (schedulers) for design and evaluation of scheduling algorithms. It provides a comprehensive facility for creating different classes of heterogeneous resources that can be aggregated using resource brokers. for solving compute and data intensive applications. A resource can be a single processor or multi-processor with shared or distributed memory and managed by time or space shared schedulers. The processing nodes within a resource can be heterogeneous in terms of processing capability, configuration, and availability. The resource brokers use scheduling algorithms or policies for mapping jobs to resources to optimize system or user objectives depending on their goals.
Homepage: http://www.buyya.com/gridsim/
Dependencies: GridSim 5.0 uses a modified version of SimJava2
Keywords: GridSim: A Grid Simulation Toolkit for Resource Modelling and Application Scheduling for Parallel and Distributed Computing
Related Software: OptorSim; Nimrod/G; SIMGRID; Globus Toolkit; MicroGrid; GRID Infoware; MONARC; SimJava; Giggle; CloudSim; BOINC; Amazon EC2; UNICORE; NetSolve; CPU Benchmarks; irace; Hadoop; DotGrid; Satin; JCobox
Cited in: 26 Publications

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