swMATH ID: 13946
Software Authors: Zimowski, M.F., Muraki, E., Mislevy, R.J., Bock, R.D
Description: BILOG: Item analysis and test scoring with binary logistic models. BILOG-MG is an extension of BILOG that is designed for the efficient analysis of binary items, including multiple-choice or short-answer items scored right, wrong, omitted, or not-presented. BILOG-MG is capable of large-scale production applications with unlimited numbers of items or respondents. It can perform item analysis and scoring of any number of subtests or subscales in a single program run. All the program output may be directed to text files for purposes of selecting items or preparing reports of test scores.
Homepage: https://www.ssicentral.com/index.php/products/other-products/bilogmg-general
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