swMATH ID: 14041
Software Authors: Helluy, Philippe; Strub, Thomas
Description: Multi-GPU numerical simulation of electromagnetic waves. In this paper, we present three-dimensional numerical simulations of electromagnetic waves. The Maxwell equations are solved by the Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method. For achieving high performance, we exploit two levels of parallelism. The coarse grain parallelism is managed through MPI and a classical domain decomposition. The fine grain parallelism is managed with OpenCL in order to optimize the local computations on multicore processors or GPU’s. We present several numerical experiments and performance comparisons. .. In this work we present the CLAC solver, which aims at solving the time-dependent Maxwell equations on GPU clusters. CLAC is an acronym for “Conservation Laws Approximation on many Cores”.
Homepage: http://www.esaim-proc.org/articles/proc/pdf/2014/02/proc144520.pdf
Related Software: OpenCL; MPI; CUDA
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Multi-GPU numerical simulation of electromagnetic waves. Zbl 1338.78023
Helluy, Philippe; Strub, Thomas

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