swMATH ID: 1405
Software Authors: Stankovic A, Wang H, Humphrey M, Zhu R, Poornalingam R, Lu C
Description: VEST – a toolset for constructing and analyzing component based embedded systems Embedded systems are proliferating at an amazing rate. To be successful these systems must be tailored to meet many cost, time to market, performance, and dependability constraints. Building and tailoring embedded systems by using domain specific components has promise. However, in composing components the most difficult issues are ensuring that non-functional properties such as real-time performance and dependability are being met. The VEST toolkit is aimed at providing a rich set of dependency checks based on aspects to support embedded system development via components
Homepage: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~control/vest.html
Related Software: Ptolemy; CPLEX; Uppaal; AspectC++; Tensorial; GeneralVectorAnalysis; TContinuumMechanics; MathGR; ORTHOVEC; VEST; MathTensor; xAct; xTensor; xPerm; Mathematica; Maple; Invar; Cadabra; AUTOSAR; Simula 67
Cited in: 23 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.cs.virginia.edu/wsn/publications.html

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