swMATH ID: 14148
Software Authors: Hermans, Jens; Vercauteren, Frederik; Preneel, Bart
Description: Speed records for NTRU. In this paper NTRUEncrypt is implemented for the first time on a GPU using the CUDA platform. As is shown, this operation lends itself perfectly for parallelization and performs extremely well compared to similar security levels for ECC and RSA giving speedups of around three to five orders of magnitude. The focus is on achieving a high throughput, in this case performing a large number of encryptions/decryptions in parallel. Using a modern GTX280 GPU a throughput of up to 200 000 encryptions per second can be reached at a security level of 256 bits. This gives a theoretical data throughput of 47.8 MB/s. Comparing this to a symmetric cipher (not a very common comparison), this is only around 20 times slower than a recent AES implementation on a GPU.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-11925-5_6
Keywords: NTRU encryption; Graphical Processing Unit; parallelization; CUDA
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Speed records for NTRU. Zbl 1272.94035
Hermans, Jens; Vercauteren, Frederik; Preneel, Bart

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