swMATH ID: 14200
Software Authors: Labath, Pavel; Niehren, Joachim
Description: A uniform programmning language for implementing XML standards. We propose X-Fun, a core language for implementing various XML standards in a uniform manner. X-Fun is a higher-order functional programming language for transforming data trees based on node selection queries. It can support the XML data model and XPath queries as a special case. We present a lean operational semantics of X-Fun based on a typed lambda calculus that enables its in-memory implementation on top of any chosen path query evaluator. We also discuss compilers from XSLT, XQuery and XProc into X-Fun which cover the many details of these standardized languages. As a result, we obtain in-memory implementations of all these XML standards with large coverage and high efficiency in a uniform manner from SaXON’s XPath implementation.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-662-46078-8_45
Keywords: XML transformations; database queries; functional programming languages; compilers
Related Software: QuiXProc; Calabash; QuiX; XQuery
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A uniform programmning language for implementing XML standards
Labath, Pavel; Niehren, Joachim