swMATH ID: 14247
Software Authors: Hammer, O., Harper, D. A. T., Ryan, P. D.
Description: PAST: Palaeontological statistics software package for education and data analysis. A comprehensive, but simple-to-use software package for executing a range of standard numerical analysis and operations used in quantitative paleontology has been developed. The program, called PAST (PAleontological STatistics), runs on standard Windows computers and is available free of charge. PAST integrates spreadsheet-type data entry with univariate and multivariate statistics, curve fitting, time-series analysis, data plotting, and simple phylogenetic analysis. Many of the functions are specific to paleontology and ecology, and these functions are not found in standard, more extensive, statistical packages. PAST also includes fourteen case studies (data files and exercises) illustrating use of the program for paleontological problems, making it a complete educational package for courses in quantitative methods.
Homepage: http://palaeo-electronica.org/2001_1/past/issue1_01.htm
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