swMATH ID: 14372
Software Authors: Angelos Mantzaflaris, Bert Jüttler
Description: G+Smo (Geometry + Simulation Modules, pronounced ”gismo”) is an open-source C++ library that brings together mathematical tools for geometric design and numerical simulation. It is developed mainly by researchers and PhD students. It implements the relatively new paradigm of isogeometric analysis, which suggests the use of a unified framework in the design and analysis pipeline. G+Smo is an object-oriented, cross-platform, template C++ library and follows the generic programming principle, with a focus on both efficiency and ease of use. The library is partitioned into smaller entities, called modules. Examples of available modules include the dimension-independent NURBS module, the data fitting and solid segmentation module, the PDE discretization module and the adaptive spline module, based on hierarchical splines of arbitrary dimension and polynomial degree. The library is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0. It has been developed within the homonym researc h network supported by the Austrian Science Fund and aims at providing access to high quality, open-source software to the forming isogeometric numerical simulation community and beyond.
Homepage: http://www.gs.jku.at/gismo
Keywords: hierarchical splines; isogeometric analysis; multipatch; tensor-product splines
Related Software: ISOGAT; IETI; GitHub; GeoPDEs; Eigen; Igatools; PetIGA; FEniCS; NewtonLib; Matlab; ParaView; Trilinos; PARDISO; KNITRO; MPI; Tensorlab; Axl; CutFEM; CGAL; Bembel
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An overview of geometry plus simulation modules. Zbl 07441089
Mantzaflaris, Angelos

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