swMATH ID: 1439
Software Authors: Brucker, Achim D.; Wolff, Burkhart
Description: An extensible encoding of object-oriented data models in HOL. With an application to IMP++
Homepage: http://www.brucker.ch/bibliography/abstract/brucker.ea-extensible-2008.de.html
Keywords: object-oriented data models; HOL; theorem proving; verification
Related Software: ETPS; Isabelle/HOL; Boogie; Isar; Spec#; HOL-Boogie; KeY; HOL-OCL; HOL-TestGen; JPF-SE; SpecExplorer; Flyspeck; Java PathFinder; QuickCheck; Pex; Korat; GATeL; TorX; Haskell; HOL Light
Cited in: 4 Documents

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