swMATH ID: 14412
Software Authors: Naoaki Okazaki
Description: CRFsuite: A fast implementation of conditional random fields (CRFs). CRFsuite is an implementation of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) [Lafferty 01][Sha 03][Sutton] for labeling sequential data. Among the various implementations of CRFs.
Homepage: http://www.chokkan.org/software/crfsuite/
Related Software: pystruct; CRF++; PyTorch; Python; Dlib-ml; SVMstruct; Dyna; TensorFlow; Pyro; Torch-Struct; FlexCRFs; NCRF++; L-BFGS; UGM; ViDRILO; OLT; PMTK; GitHub; StructED; LibDAI
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