swMATH ID: 14432
Software Authors: Luis Pedro Coelho
Description: Mahotas: Open source software for scriptable computer vision. Mahotas is a computer vision library for Python. It contains traditional image processing functionality such as filtering and morphological operations as well as more modern computer vision functions for feature computation, including interest point detection and local descriptors. The interface is in Python, a dynamic programming language, which is very appropriate for fast development, but the algorithms are implemented in C++ and are tuned for speed. The library is designed to fit in with the scientific software ecosystem in this language and can leverage the existing infrastructure developed in that language. Mahotas is released under a liberal open source license (MIT License) and is available from (this http URL) and from the Python Package Index (this http URL).
Homepage: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/mahotas
Related Software: NumPy; Scikit; Cython; SWIG; Python; Spark; knitr; pyfssa; eHive; Bpipe; ReproZip; IPython; Pwrake; BioContainers; Sweave; Snakemake; Jupyter; Taverna; Ruffus; Dask
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