swMATH ID: 14487
Software Authors: Mario Berljafa; Stefan Güttel
Description: A Rational Krylov Toolbox for MATLAB. The Rational Krylov Toolbox contains MATLAB implementations of Ruhe’s rational Krylov sequence method, algorithms for the implicit and explicit relocation of the poles of a rational Krylov space, and an implementation of RKFIT, a robust algorithm for rational least squares fitting.
Homepage: http://guettel.com/rktoolbox/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: AAA; Chebfun; Matlab; mftoolbox; NLEIGS; benchmodred; SparseMatrix; Loewner; DLMF; mctoolbox; FEAST; redbKIT; Hm-toolbox; NLEVP; Schwarz-Christoffel; advanpix; Maple; JDQZ; JDQR; Algorithm 814
Cited in: 29 Publications
Further Publications: http://guettel.com/rktoolbox/guide/html/index.html#18

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