swMATH ID: 14488
Software Authors: Baker CG, Absil PA, Gallivan KA
Description: GenRTR: the Generic Riemannian Trust-region package. GenRTR is the Generic Riemannian Trust-Region package. GenRTR is a MATLAB package for the optimization of functions defined on Riemannian manifolds. GenRTR currently provides two Riemannian trust-region methods: the Riemannian Trust-Region (RTR) method; the Implicit Riemannian Trust-Region (IRTR) method. While the current emphasis concerns trust-region methods, the framework is suitable for the implementation of any retraction-based optimization method. Future plans involve the expansion of the framework to other optimization methods.
Homepage: http://www.math.fsu.edu/~cbaker/GenRTR/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: ADMiRA; Algorithm 432; RTRMC; softImpute; LMaFit; Manopt; PROPACK
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