swMATH ID: 14621
Software Authors: E. Balmès, J. Bianchi, J. Leclère
Description: FEMLink provides bidirectional interfaces with a number of finite element codes. These are used to build FEM, post-process FE results and manage sets of frequency domain measurements. FEMLink is designed to pre- and post process industrial size models. It is thus systematically optimized to handle large files (result data > 2 GB and model data with several hundred thousand nodes or elements). By nature, translators such as FEMLink are imperfect. SDTools thus makes a permanent effort to improve FEMLink by taking into account files submitted by users. Users submitting cases where the interface fails, typically get patches within a few days if not hours. For the latest patch contact support at info@sdtools.com. Currently FEMLink cannot be run independently from SDT, you thus must be a SDT user to purchase FEMLink.
Homepage: http://www.sdtools.com/femlink.html
Dependencies: Structural Dynamics Toolbox
Related Software: IRAM; lobpcg.m; Structural Dynamics Toolbox; eigs; EIGIFP
Cited in: 1 Publication

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