swMATH ID: 14637
Software Authors: Larrondo PF, Neufeld CT, Deutsch CV
Description: VARFIT: A program for semi-automatic variogram modeling. The variogram is an important input in geostatistical techniques. Calculated experimental variograms must be modelled with a legitimate analytical model. This program obtains a legitimate model of spatial variability that closely fits directional experimental variograms. The program mimics the iterative procedure performed by the experienced geostatistician. In addition this program can fit linear models of coregionalization that are licit and positive semi-definite. The program varfit is GSLIB compatible, but it can be run with any variogram calculation output that has been properly reformatted. The nugget effect, sill contributions, structure types and ranges, are fit to experimental variogram points in up to three directions simultaneously. The user can fix components of the variogram as needed. The fitting can be weighted by lag distance and/or number of pairs at each point, as an option for a better fit at shorter distances or at lags with more pairs, respectively.
Homepage: http://www.ccgalberta.com/ccgresources/report05/2003-122-varfit.pdf
Related Software: GSLIB; VARIOG2D; CUDA; bh_tomo; BGeost; Emlk2d; bhtomo; SIPPI; SGeMS; RGeostats; RGeoS; Isatis
Cited in: 7 Publications

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