swMATH ID: 1472
Software Authors: Donath, S.; Götz, J.; Feichtinger, C.; Igiberger, K.; Rüde, U.
Description: waLBerla: Optimization for itanium-based systems with thousands of processors. Performance optimization is an issue at different levels, in particular for computing and communication intensive codes like free surface lattice Boltzmann. This method is used to simulate liquid-gas flow phenomena such as bubbly flows and foams. Due to a special treatment of the gas phase, an aggregation of bubble volume data is necessary in every time step. In order to accomplish efficient parallel scaling, the all-to-all communication schemes used up to now had to be replaced with more sophisticated patterns that work in a local vicinity. With this approach, scaling could be improved such that simulation runs on up to 9 152 processor cores are possible with more than 90
Homepage: http://www10.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/de/Research/Projects/walberla/
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Cited in: 23 Publications

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