Concurrency Workbench

swMATH ID: 14749
Software Authors: P. Stevens et al
Description: The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench: a tool for describing, exploring and automatically verifying systems. Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench Summary: The Edinburgh Concurrency Workbench (CWB) is an automated tool which caters for the manipulation and analysis of concurrent systems. In particular, the CWB allows for various equivalence, preorder and model checking using a variety of different process semantics. For example, with the CWB it is possible to: define behaviours given either in an extended version of CCS or in SCCS, and perform various analyses on these behaviours, such as analysing the state space of a given process, or checking various semantic equivalences and preorders; define propositions in a powerful modal logic and check whether a given process satisfies a specification formulated in this logic; play Stirling-style model-checking games to understand why a process does or does not satisfy a formula; derive automatically logical formulae which distinguish nonequivalent processes; interactively simulate the behaviour of an agent, thus guiding it through its state space in a controlled fashion.
Homepage: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/perdita/cwb/
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