swMATH ID: 1477
Software Authors: Chapman, B.; Bregier, F.; Patil, A.; Prabhakar, A.
Description: OpenMP is emerging as a viable high-level programming model for shared memory parallel systems. Although it has also been implemented on ccNUMA architectures, it is hard to obtain high performance on such systems. In this paper, we discuss various ways in which OpenMP may be used on ccNUMA and NUMA architectures, and describe a programming style that can provide scalable high performance on such systems. We give an example of its use on the SGI Origin 2000, and on TreadMarks, a Software DSM system from Rice University. These results have encouraged us to work on a programming environment that provides general support for OpenMP application development and incorporates a system to translate standard loop-level parallel OpenMP code, with additionaluser input in the form of directives, into an equivalent OpenMP program relying on our alternative programming style. The equivalent program does not use constructs external to OpenMP.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/c643nrghy1y73fwu/
Related Software: hwloc
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