swMATH ID: 14783
Software Authors: Peter Young
Description: Computer-Aided Program for Time-series Analysis and Identification of Noisy Systems (CAPTAIN) Toolbox. This Website is intended primarily to support the CAPTAIN Toolbox for Matlab, which provides access to novel, mainly recursive, algorithms for various important aspects of identification, estimation, nonstationary time series analysis and signal processing, adaptive forecasting and automatic control system design. These have been developed between 1981 and the present at Lancaster University, UK, based on research carried out by Peter Young with colleagues at Lancaster, the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1975-1981) and the University of Cambridge, UK (1965-1975).
Homepage: http://captaintoolbox.co.uk/Captain_Toolbox.html/Captain_Toolbox.html
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Matlab; CONTSID; System Identification Toolbox; STAMP; ECOTOOL; SSpace; EnKF; SAS; gretl; SsfPack; EViews; KFAS; SSMMATLAB; Stata; RATS; GA; Wiener-Hammerstein Benchmark; Meso CASiMiR; AQUATOX; QUAL2K
Referenced in: 35 Publications

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