swMATH ID: 14795
Software Authors: Predki, L.; Slowinski, R.; Stefanowski, J.; Susmaga, R.; Wilk, Sz.
Description: ROSE - Software Implementation of the Rough Set Theory. This paper briefly describes ROSE software package. It is an interactive, modular system designed for analysis and knowledge discovery based on rough set theory in 32-bit operating systems on PC computers. It implements classical rough set theory as well as its extension based on variable precision model. It includes generation of decision rules for classification systems and knowledge discovery.
Homepage: http://idss.cs.put.poznan.pl/site/rose.html
Related Software: 4eMka2; UCI-ml; UTA Plus; PREFDIS; RAGNU; D-SCIDS; RSBR_; WEKA; Genocop; Rseslib; RSES; LERS
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