swMATH ID: 14805
Software Authors: Climaco, J.; C. H. Antunes
Description: Implementation of a User-Friendly Software Package - A Guided Tour of TRIMAP. TRIMAP is an interactive tricriteria linear programming method based on a progressive and selective “learning” of the Pareto optimal solutions set. At present we have developed a TRIMAP software package running on Macintosh microcomputers (two versions are available, one for the Mac Plus and the other for the Mac II). In this paper we intend to close a cycle of three papers on the TRIMAP method. Previously we have described the foundations of the method and tried to explore the potentialities of the developed package for multicriteria linear programming educational purposes. A detailed “guided tour” of the now available software package for the Macintosh was missing. This “guided tour” also focuses the implementation details wherever they are relevant to the “man-machine” dialogue. This is the central objective of this paper.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0895717789903695
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