swMATH ID: 14905
Software Authors: Ferreres G, Biannic J-M.
Description: SMT: The Skew Mu Toolbox. This toolbox was written in colloboration with Gilles Ferreres. The aim of this freeware is to provide computational µ and skew µ methods for analysing the robust stability and performance properties of an uncertain closed loop, subject to LTI parametric uncertainties, neglected dynamics and to some extent uncertain time-delays. It could also be considered as a software complement to the book ”A practical approach to robustness analysis with aeronautical applications” written by Gilles Ferreres and published in 1999 with Plenum (now available with Springer). This toolbox includes basic routines to compute upper and lower bounds of classical but also skew µ, for both complex and real uncertainties. Several types of algorithms (exponential-time and polynomial-time) are made available. Unlike most other available robustness analysis tools, this toolbox also contains fully automated procedures which allows a non specialist to obtain guaranteed stability or performance robustness margins. Finally, different realistic engineering applications are included (missile, rigid and flexible aircraft, telescope mock-up), which illustrates the efficiency and the reliability of the proposed tools.
Homepage: http://jm.biannic.free.fr/software.html
Related Software: Mu Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox; LMI toolbox; LFR-toolbox; YALMIP; Optimization Toolbox; Robust Control Toolbox; FDC; IQC; HIFOO; Matlab
Cited in: 8 Publications

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