swMATH ID: 14924
Software Authors: Imperial College London; Rathgeber F, Markall GR, Mitchell L, Loriant N, Ham DA, Bertolli C, Kelly PH
Description: Many numerical algorithms and scientific computations on unstructured meshes can be viewed as the independent application of a local operation everywhere on a mesh. This local operation is often called a computational kernel and its independent application lends itself naturally to parallel computation. An unstructured mesh can be described by sets of entities (vertices, edges, cells) and the connectivity between those sets forming the topology of the mesh. PyOP2 is a domain-specific language (DSL) for the parallel executions of computational kernels on unstructured meshes or graphs.
Homepage: http://op2.github.io/PyOP2/concepts.html
Related Software: Firedrake; PETSc; FEniCS; petsc4py; COFFEE; TSFC; UFL; hypre; FIAT; FIAT; DMPlex; FFC; DOLFIN; deal.ii; FInAT; Python; Trilinos; FreeFem++; mpi4py; ML
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