swMATH ID: 14951
Software Authors: Okabe A, Okunuki K, Shiode S
Description: The SANET toolbox: new methods for network spatial analysis. This paper describes new methods, called network spatial methods, for analyzing spatial phenomena that occur on a network or alongside a network (referred to as network spatial phenomena). First, the paper reviews network spatial phenomena discussed in the related literature. Second, the paper shows the uniform network transformation, which is used in the study of non-uniform distributions on a network, such as the densities of traffic and population. Third, the paper outlines a class of network spatial methods, including nearest neighbor distance methods, K-function methods, cell count methods, clumping methods, the Voronoi diagrams and spatial interpolation methods. Fourth, the paper shows three commonly used computational methods to facilitate network spatial analysis. Fifth, the paper describes the functions of a GIS-based software package, called SANET, that perform network spatial methods. Sixth, the paper compares network spatial methods with the corresponding planar spatial methods by applying both methods to the same data set. This comparison clearly demonstrates how different conclusions can result. The conclusion summarizes the major findings.
Homepage: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-9671.2006.01011.x/full
Related Software: spatstat; R; pyuvdata; spatial; Algorithm 447; spatstat.Knet; KernSmooth; libpysal; snkit; esda; pandas; splot; GeoPandas; OSMnx; NetworkX; Pysal; Python; spaghetti; SparseM; LINPACK
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