swMATH ID: 150
Software Authors: Van der Boogaart, K.G.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.
Description: R package compositions:Compositional data analysis with R and the package compositions. This paper is a hands-on introduction and shows how to perform basic tasks in the analysis of compositional data following {it J. Aitchison}’s philosophy [The statistical analysis of compositional data. London-New York: Chapman and Hall (1986; Zbl 0688.62004)] within the statistical package ‘\(R\)’ and using a contributed package (called ‘compositions’), which is devoted specially to compositional data analysis. The studied asks are: descriptive statistics and plots (ternary diagrams, boxplots), principal component analysis (using biplots), cluster analysis with Aitchison distance, analysis of variance (ANOVA) of a dependent composition, some transformations and operations between compositions in the simplex.
Homepage: http://www.stat.boogaart.de/compositions/
Related Software: R; ggplot2; robCompositions; ggtern; robustbase; Analysen Tetraeder; Matlab; Python; ternplot; Veusz; vcd; Ternplot; python-ternary; Excel; Origin; KernSmooth; qualV; MASS (R); gmGeostats; GGobi
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