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Software Authors: Liu, Zhiming; Morisset, Charles; Stolz, Volker
Description: rCOS: Theory and tool for component-based model driven development. We present the roadmap of the development of the rCOS theory and its tool support for component-based model driven software development (CB-MDD). First the motivation for using CB-MDD, its needs for a theoretical foundation and tool support are discussed, followed by a discussion of the concepts, techniques and design decisions in the research of the theory and the development of the prototype tool. The concepts, techniques and decisions discussed here have been formalized and published. References to those publications are provided with explanations. Based on the initial experiences with a case study and the preliminary rCOS tool development, further development trajectory leading to further integration with transformation and analysis plug-ins is delineated
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-11623-0_3
Keywords: contract; component; design pattern; model transformation
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rCOS: Theory and tool for component-based model driven development
Liu, Zhiming; Morisset, Charles; Stolz, Volker

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