Hybrid Toolbox

swMATH ID: 15053
Software Authors: Bemporad A.
Description: The Hybrid Toolbox is a MATLAB/Simulink toolbox for modeling, simulating, and verifying hybrid dynamical systems, for designing and simulating model predictive controllers for hybrid systems subject to constraints, and for generating linear and hybrid MPC control laws in piecewise affine form that can be directly embedded as C-code in real-time applications.
Homepage: http://cse.lab.imtlucca.it/~bemporad/hybrid/toolbox/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: HYSDEL; MPT; CPLEX; Matlab; GLPK; ECOS; Ipopt; CVX; Model Predictive Control Toolbox; YALMIP; GitHub; PANOC; HQP/OMUSES; OpEn; FORCES NLP; muAO-MPC; qpSWIFT; NASOQ; MATMPC; PolyMPC
Cited in: 28 Publications

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