swMATH ID: 15329
Software Authors: Salman Niazi, Mahmoud Ismail, Steffen Grohsschmiedt, Mikael Ronström, Seif Haridi, Jim Dowling
Description: HopsFS: Scaling Hierarchical File System Metadata Using NewSQL Databases. Recent improvements in both the performance and scalability of shared-nothing, transactional, in-memory NewSQL databases have reopened the research question of whether distributed metadata for hierarchical file systems can be managed using commodity databases. In this paper, we introduce HopsFS, a next generation distribution of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that replaces HDFS single node in-memory metadata service, with a distributed metadata service built on a NewSQL database. By removing the metadata bottleneck, HopsFS improves capacity and throughput compared to HDFS. HopsFS can store 24 times more metadata than HDFS. We also provide public, fully reproducible experiments based on a workload trace from Spotify that show HopsFS has 2.6 times the throughput of Apache HDFS, lower latency for greater than 400 concurrent clients, and no downtime during failover. Finally, and most significantly, HopsFS allows metadata to be exported to external systems, analyzed or searched online, and easily extended.
Homepage: http://arxiv.org/abs/1606.01588
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