swMATH ID: 15348
Software Authors: Esben Høgh-Rasmussen
Description: What is the Black-Box Toolbox? The main focus of BBTools is to handle inverse ill-posed problems. These are problems where a set of ”wanted data” is scrambled However, the routines are general and can be used for a number of purposes, including: Inverse problems, regularized solutions of ill-posed problems; Data mining, dimensionality reduction of large data sets; Iterative methods, research in algorithms based on Krylov subspaces. The main reason the toolbox exists is that it can handle problems that are too large to be coped with by most other software packages. It has been designed to utilize the available memory as much as possible.
Homepage: https://xtra.nru.dk/bbtools/help/toolbox/bbtools/bbtools_product_page.html
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: EMD
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