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Software Authors: Goldberger AL, Amaral LAN, Glass L, Hausdorff JM, Ivanov PCh, Mark RG, Mietus JE, Moody GB, Peng C-K, Stanley HE
Description: PhysioToolkit is a large and growing library of software for physiologic signal processing and analysis, detection of physiologically significant events using both classical techniques and novel methods based on statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics, interactive display and characterization of signals, creation of new databases, simulation of physiologic and other signals, quantitative evaluation and comparison of analysis methods, and analysis of nonequilibrium and nonstationary processes. A unifying theme of the research projects that contribute software to PhysioToolkit is the extraction of “hidden” information from biomedical signals, information that may have diagnostic or prognostic value in medicine, or explanatory or predictive power in basic research. All PhysioToolkit software is available in source form under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Homepage: http://www.physionet.org/physiotools/
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