swMATH ID: 15603
Software Authors: T.P. Robitaille, E.J. Tollerud, et. al.
Description: Astropy: A community Python package for astronomy. We present the first public version (v0.2) of the open-source and community-developed Python package, Astropy. This package provides core astronomy-related functionality to the community, including support for domain-specific file formats such as flexible image transport system (FITS) files, Virtual Observatory (VO) tables, and common ASCII table formats, unit and physical quantity conversions, physical constants specific to astronomy, celestial coordinate and time transformations, world coordinate system (WCS) support, generalized containers for representing gridded as well as tabular data, and a framework for cosmological transformations and conversions. Significant functionality is under activedevelopment, such as a model fitting framework, VO client and server tools, and aperture and point spread function (PSF) photometry tools. The core development team is actively making additions and enhancements to the current code base, and we encourage anyone interested to participate in the development of future Astropy versions.
Homepage: http://www.aanda.org/articles/aa/full_html/2013/10/aa22068-13/aa22068-13.html?display=full
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: virtual observatory tools; Python; astronomy; FITS files; open source framework
Related Software: Python; NumPy; Matplotlib; SciPy; pandas; Scikit; emcee; Numba; Jupyter; scikit-image; healpy; Healpix; Lightkurve; dynesty; lenstronomy; Statsmodels; tqdm; photutils; Pint; SymPy
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