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Software Authors: Delestre, O., Lucas, C., Ksinant, P.-A., Darboux, F., Laguerre, C., Vo, T.-N.-T., James, F., Cordier S.
Description: SWASHES: a compilation of shallow water analytic solutions for hydraulic and environmental studies. SWASHES: Shallow Water Analytic Solutions for Hydraulic and Environmental Studies. SWASHES is a library of Shallow Water Analytic Solutions for Hydraulic and Environmental Studies. A significant number of analytic solutions to the Shallow Water equations is described in a unified formalism. They encompass a wide variety of flow conditions (supercritical, subcritical, shock, etc.), in 1 or 2 space dimensions, with or without rain and soil friction, for transitory flow or steady state. The goal of this code is to help users of Shallow Water based models to easily find an adaptable benchmark library to validate numerical methods. The SWASHES software can be downloaded on the website sourcesup. This software is distributed under CeCILL-V2 (GPL compatible) free software license. So, you are authorized to use the Software, without any limitation as to its fields of application.
Homepage: http://www.univ-orleans.fr/MAPMO/soft/SWASHES/
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