swMATH ID: 15725
Software Authors: G.R. Liu, Z.H. Tu
Description: Mfree2D: an adaptive stress analysis package based on mesh-free technology. MFree2D is designed for 2D stress and strain analysis in solid mechanics and structural mechanics subjected to static and/or dynamic loadings with heat transfer process. The software consists of three major processors : MFreePre, MFreeApp and MFreePost. MFreePre is a preprocessor to formulate the input required by MFreeApp; the latter performs computations and yields the results which are then fed to MFreePost for post processing. These three processors can work either in an integrated manner or independently. One salient feature of MFree2D is that it is designed to be user-friendly and thus, has fewer requirements for users than many of the existing numerical packages. The first version of MFree2D, is for 2-D elastostatics and was demonstrated during the Fourth Asia Pacific Conference on Computational Mechanics (APCOM 1999). The main features of MFree2D include : Problem domain is discretised using scattered nodes and the discretisation is fully automatic. Adaptive refinement techniques are implemented to ensure the results are of a desired accuracy.User-friendly graphical-user-interface (GUI).
Homepage: http://www.ase.uc.edu/~liugr/MFree2D.html
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