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Software Authors: Craig, John J.
Description: AdeptRAPID is a software package used to design and simulate robot-based flexible automation cells. Its goal is to simplify the concepting and design of automation installations used for applications such as mechanical assembly, material handling, or packaging. The need for ease of use drives the need for the simulation system to behave like the actual physical world. The more the simulator acts like the real world, the simpler the user interface paradigm becomes for the user, since the physical world is the one we are all familiar with. At the same time, trade-offs for compuational speed and other factors have driven a design in which a particular ”slice” of reality is simulated, while many details are not. AdeptRAPID is well-suited as a host for a variety of geometric algorithms. The need to model various portions of the real world, as well as the need to unburden the user by making various computations of a geometric nature, drive the need for such algorithms. AdeptRAPID provides the environment in which some advanced algorithms can be brought to bear on real problems occuring in industry. This paper presents the current state of the AdeptRAPID simulator. Attention is paid to the various geometric algorithms already in place as well as the need for more and better algorithms.
Homepage: http://graphics.stanford.edu/courses/cs528/previous/spring98/craig-abst.html
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Geometric algorithms in AdeptRAPID. Zbl 0948.70501
Craig, John J.

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