swMATH ID: 15782
Software Authors: May, Wolfgang
Description: XPath-logic and XPathLog: a logic-programming style XML data manipulation language. We define XPathLog as a Datalog-style extension of XPath. XPathLog provides a clear, declarative language for querying and manipulating XML whose perspectives are especially in XML data integration. In our characterization, the formal semantics is defined wrt. an edge-labeled graph-based model, which covers the XML data model. We give a complete, logic-based characterization of XML data and the main language concept for XML, XPath. XPath-Logic extends the XPath language with variable bindings and embeds it into first-order logic. XPathLog is then the Horn fragment of XPath-Logic, providing a Datalog-style, rule-based language for querying and manipulating XML data. The model-theoretic semantics of XPath-Logic serves as the base of XPathLog as a logic-programming language, whereas also an equivalent answer-set semantics for evaluating XPathLog queries is given. In contrast to other approaches, the XPath syntax and semantics is also used for a declarative specification how the database should be updated: when used in rule heads, XPath filters are interpreted as specifications of elements and properties which should be added to the database.
Homepage: http://www2.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~dbis/Publications/01/ideas01talk.pdf
Keywords: XML; XPath; Logic Programming; Information Integration
Related Software: XPath; XQuery; XCentric; TOY; Haskell; Lore; Medmaker; APEX; eXist; Lorel
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1 May, Wolfgang

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