swMATH ID: 1608
Software Authors: INRIA; Lavarenne, C., Seghrouchni, O., Sorel, Y., Sorine, M.
Description: SynDEx is a system level CAD software based on the algorithm-architecture adequation (AAA) methodology intended to optimize the implementation, under real-time constraints, of embedded control applications onto multicomponent architectures built from several processors and specific integrated circuits all interconnected. It has been designed and developed in the INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt Research Center France, by the AOSTE team.
Homepage: http://www.syndex.org/
Related Software: Esterel; Simulink; GME; MARTE; Polychrony; SCADE; Matlab; AVSynDEx; SIGNAL; ARIAL
Cited in: 11 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.syndex.org/publications/index.htm

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