swMATH ID: 16347
Software Authors: Konis, K.
Description: The RHugin Package Homepage. The Hugin Decision Engine (HDE) is commercial software developed by HUGIN EXPERT A/S for building and making inference from Bayesian belief networks. The RHugin package provides a suite of functions allowing the HDE to be controlled from within R. The RHugin package can thus be used to build Bayesian belief networks, enter and propagate evidence, and to retrieve beliefs. Additionally, the RHugin package can read and write hkb and NET files, making it easy to work simultaneously with both the RHugin package and the Hugin GUI. A licensed copy of the HDE (or the trial version) is required for the RHugin package to function, hence the target audience for the package is Hugin users who would like to take advantage of the statistical and programatic capabilities of R. Please note that the RHugin package is not supported by Hugin Expert A/S.
Homepage: http://rhugin.r-forge.r-project.org/
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; HUGIN; gRain; BayesNetBP; bnspatial; aGrUM; Rcpp; bnclassify; geneNetBP; gRbase; jti; sparta; CRAN; eqtl; R/qtl; qtlnet; AMIDST; ramidst; pcalg; deal
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