swMATH ID: 16540
Software Authors: Fontaine, M., Gauyacq, D.
Description: SISYFE: A toolbox to simulate the railway network functioning for many purposes. Some cases of application. The railway system, defined by: trains running, signalling and driver behaviour, is very complex. Its dynamic behaviour cannot really be studied analytical. This complexity is a result of the mutual interdependence between the signalling system and the running of the trains. To overcome this difficulty in studying the traffic, simulation is a very good compromise. The real system can be mimicked to gain flexibility and convenience in investigating the system’s functioning when changing different hypotheses of behaviour of its components. The SNCF research department has developed a software toolbox named SISYFE to allow to model the railway network with different: signalling systems, types of train products, categories of rolling-stock and driver behaviour. It is used to implement many applications and dedicated tools to solve a large range of problems: educational systems for signalmen, decision support systems to evaluate the different investments needed to upgrade line capacity or to calculate the robustness of a timetable confronted to small traffic incidents (delayed of trains, temporary speed reduction). A general presentation of this toolbox is given in this document completed by a short presentation of case studies for above mentioned problems
Homepage: http://p.sparkrail.org/record.asp?q=PB011785
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