swMATH ID: 16662
Software Authors: Tasora, Alessandro; Serban, Radu; Mazhar, Hammad; Pazouki, Arman; Melanz, Daniel; Fleischmann, Jonathan; Taylor, Michael; Sugiyama, Hiroyuki; Negrut, Dan
Description: Chrono: an open source multi-physics dynamics engine. We provide an overview of a multi-physics dynamics engine called Chrono. Its forte is the handling of complex and large dynamic systems containing millions of rigid bodies that interact through frictional contact. Chrono has been recently augmented to support the modeling of fluid-solid interaction (FSI) problems and linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA). We discuss Chrono’s software layout/design and outline some of the modeling and numerical solution techniques at the cornerstone of this dynamics engine. We briefly report on some validation studies that gauge the predictive attribute of the software solution. Chrono is released as open source under a permissive BSD3 license and available for download on GitHub.
Homepage: http://projectchrono.org
Source Code:  https://github.com/projectchrono/chrono
Keywords: multi-physics modeling and simulation; rigid and flexible multi-body dynamics; friction and contact; fluid-solid interaction; granular dynamics; vehicle dynamics; parallel computing
Related Software: Meschach; GitHub; RODAS; DualSPHysics; CUDA; TFOCS; SPIKE; CUSPARSE; BEAM189; LMGC90; Qhull; LGSVL; NVIDIA PhysX; TORCS; CARLA; Baselines; AirSim; MuJoCo; Unreal Engine; Unity3D
Cited in: 20 Publications

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